Current exhibition, The Wall

Current exhibition, The Wall

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the NHS - An exhibition created by Art for Life

20th March - 25th September 2018

This year, 2018, sees the NHS turn 70.  Art for Life, were keen to reflect this event in its programme, celebrating our staff and colleagues at Musgrove Park Hospital and Somerset Partnership.  We have involved staff and colleagues from many areas of the organisations, reflecting the rich breadth and diversity of staff, working in both clinical and non-clinical roles. 

Marcelo Soco Final (1)With the help of Kelly James and Donna Berridge from our Medical Photography team here at Musgrove who took the black and white photographs of staff and colleagues, we asked people for their stories about their roles and jobs within the NHS and their thoughts about the Service as it turns 70.  

What you will find as you look at this exhibition is an extraordinary testament to the dedication and commitment of our staff at Musgrove Park Hospital and Somerset Partnership.  We hope you will enjoy reading their stories and reflections.

Marcie Soco, Sister, Critical Care

Accompanying the photographs and stories in this exhibition is wonderful artwork by artist Lynn Muir.  Lynn’s figures, which are created from driftwood that she collects close to her studio in Cornwall, were created especially for this exhibition.  Each figure holds its own story.